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Artist-in-Residence 2017-18: Celebration Concert by L'Artiste

  • Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall HKUST (map)

Western Music from the 10th to 18th Century

Great names like Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky are known to everyone. However, these great figures have all benefited from the works and effort of their predecessors. While some, like J S Bach, are still familiar to the modern audience, most others, especially those from the medieval and Renaissance periods, remain anonymous.

Lost in the tides of time, these masters are unfamiliar even to the meticulous researchers. As the performance practices are also not yet revealed in details, works of these early masters are seldom glorified and not often performed by modern players.

In the concert, L’Artiste will pay tribute to these early masters who have contributed greatly to the development of music.


Lamento di Tristano e La Rotta                      Anon. (14th C)

Alleluia                                                      Gregorian Chant

Puisque bele dame m’eime                           Codex Montpellier (13th C)

Che Ti Cova Nascondere                               Anon. (14th C)

La Seconde Estampie Real                            Anon. (14th C)

Comment qu’a moy                                     G. de Machaut (c.1300-1377)

Die Mynne Füget Nyemand                           O. von Wolkenstein (1377-1445)

Rosina                                                       Anon. (15th C)

Dindirindi                                                   M. Flecha (1481-1553)

Three Madrigals:
Fair Phyllis I saw                                         J. Farmer (1565-1605)
Mille regretz                                               J. des Prez (c.1450-1521)
Now is the month of maying                         T. Morley (1557-1602)

Petit Riense                                               G. Ambrogio

Sonata Piano and Forte                               G. Gabrieli (c.1554-1612)

Passacalle a 3                                            A. Falconiero (1585-1656)

Sonata Terza                                             D. Castello (c.1590-c.1658)

Brandenburg Concerto no. 3                        J.S. Bach (1685-1750)


Workshop instructors | Artist-in-Residence 2017-18

The history of L’Artiste can be traced back to 2005, when Joseph Lee formed the recorder ensemble L’Art du Bois. Through holding concerts and masterclasses in various venues across the territory, the ensemble proved to be a success and quickly established itself as the leading performing group of such genre. In order to extend the repertories to include music from the Medieval and the Renaissance period, which undoubtedly involves the performance of more varied musical instruments than the recorders, Joseph established the L’Artiste in 2013. In addition to its vast collection of early musical instruments, L’Artiste now specializes not only in recorders but also in performing multi-instrumental music from the 12th Century to the 18th Century. With intensive research and continuous refinement, it aims at introducing to the local audience the beauty of these underappreciated music and unfamiliar musical instruments.


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All are welcome
No admission under the age of 6
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Presented by The HKUST Center for Education Innovation and Center for the Arts