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Screening and Sharing: Yauking 電影放映分享會:有敬



Thu, April 4, 2019 1-2 p.m. SCI-HOME

1-1:30 p.m. - Screening "Yauking" (In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles)

1:30-2 p.m. - Talk and sharing


Mr. LAU Ho-yin

Chun Tei Kok Buddhist Association Limited Centre for Life Enlightening (Endless Care Service) 
東華三院 準提閣佛學會生命同行坊 助理服務主任 


Dr. Anna KWONG

Program Director, Center for the Arts, HKUST
香港科技大學 藝術中心節目總監


預告片 Trailer : 按此 click here


Is it a blessing to live for over a hundred years? Yauking came to Hong Kong alone and worked as a housemaid. She lost the ability to take care of herself and needed intensive care from nursing home as she grew old. Despite she wants to die badly, her Christian belief saved her from committing suicide. Are we or Jesus the one to define the value of life when one no longer has the ability to do so? 

導演的話 | Director’s note

When I first met Yau King, she told me she has 2 'ones': she is one hundred and one years old already. However, she speaks of death every day and wonders why God just doesn't listen to her prayers. I bet she has been saying this over a hundred times in the past few years. It is sad to see her lying in bed everyday, unwell, and without any relatives to support and care for her. During filming, I gradually understand the pain she feels in her later years. Yau King spent most of her life as a house maid, but she can only rely on others to take care of her now. Can you imagine how downcast she is? She once told me, "For a person who has lived life for so long, there is bound to be ups and downs. A day need not be a good one." As time goes by, you will realize how lovable she is. It is not hard to cheer her up. A few kind words and she is all smiles. In Chinese, Yau King means "with respect and dignity". I will never forget this lovely lady.

導演簡介Director Bio| 黃肇邦 Wong Siu Pong

Born in 1986, Wong Siu Pong graduated from Department of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong Shue Yan University. His first production Fish Story was funded by CNEX Foundation in 2011 and received various film nominations and awards in Hong Kong and China, for instance, New Talent Award nomination at HKAFF and Best Documentary Award at FIRST International Film Festival, and participated in film festivals in the globe. Other works like Connection (as Hong Kong representative at 14th Venice Architecture Biennale) and Snuggle also received film awards and gained high reputation in the field.

《有敬》社區放映計劃由香港賽馬會慈善信託基金贊助,由2018年4月起推行為期3年賽馬會「長幼情」跨代共融計劃- 「圓願夢工場」義工計劃,計劃內包括舉行紀錄片「有敬」社區放映。<Yauking> Community screening project is part of the programme sponsored by the Jockey Club Charities Trust, it is a 3 year programme starting from April 2018.


  • Free admission | Free seating

  • No admission under the age of 6

  • For HKUST members and guests only


Co-organized by Center for Education Innovation and Center for the Arts