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Visit to "A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun" and "Yukaloo by James Turrell" Exhibitions

  • Asia Society Hong Kong Center 9 Justice Drive Admiralty Hong Kong (map)


Visit TWO exhibitions in Asia Society Hong Kong Center

  • A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun

  • Yukaloo by James Turrell 

About Exhibitions

A Story of Light: Hon Chi-fun (exhibition preview: click here)

Asia Society Hong Kong is honored to present A Story of Light, an exhibition of the groundbreaking Hong Kong artist Hon Chi-fun (1922–2019). A postal inspector by trade, Hon was a self-taught artist who rose to prominence in the 1960s with his radical artistic experiments that combined international influences as a response to Hong Kong’s multi-cultural context. A Story of Light re-contextualizes the evolution of Hon Chi-fun’s practice by contrasting his continual fascination with light as both a material and subject with his deployment of various media and cultural influences. The exhibition presents over thirty artworks spanning four decades of his trailblazing practices in painting, printmaking, and photography.

Through considering the different ways Hon focuses on light in his work, one can discern his desire to resist being labelled or historicized. While Hon was undoubtedly informed by various dominant art movements, including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and the New Ink Movement in Hong Kong, he created a visual language that uniquely expresses his multicultural influences and evolving viewpoints spanning multiple geographies and time periods. His diverse oeuvre, developed over years of experimentation and travel, addresses questions of cultural identity through a radical approach to materials and the use of new artistic techniques. For Hon, to be a Hong Kong artist was to remain porous and question boundaries between cultures, mediums, and within the self.

Quoted from the official website: click here

Yukaloo by James Turrell  (exhibition preview: click here)

James Turrell (b. 1943, Los Angeles) is a leading American artist who uses light as a medium for his immersive installations. Associated with the Light and Space movement of the 1960s, Turrell has dedicated his practice to what he has deemed perceptual art, investigating the materiality of light and the sensorial experience of space, color, and perception.

Yukaloo is an aperture within which LEDs are engineered to change colors gradually over the course of several hours. Colored light emitted from the work fills the space, creating an immersive atmosphere similar to the awe-inspiring fashion in which the sky changes from late afternoon to night. Best known for his installations of colored light that appear boundless and infinite, Turrell draws us closer to the presence of light and how it transforms our perception of space.

This presentation of Yukaloo at Asia Society Hong Kong Center is made possible through the support of JK and Ingrid Lee Foundation. Additional support is provided by Wellington and Virginia Yee and Tucker Highfield and Inna Rodchenko-Highfield. Special thanks to Pace Gallery and Kayne Griffin Corcoran.

Quoted from the official website: click here


Gathering place & time: MTR Admiralty station, Exit C1, 10:30 a.m.
Language: English guided tour
Quota: 20
Deposit: HKD20 (refundable after the tour)

For HKUST staff members and students only


  1. Reserve a place
    - Submit the online registration form, please click HERE
    - you will receive a notification email from Center for the Arts afterwards 

  2. Pay the deposit (within 2 days after submitting the online registration)
    - present the notification email and pay the deposit at CFA office to confirm your place

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