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Visit to ERCO Lighting Exhibition

  • K11 Atelier Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Hong Kong (map)
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(exhibition preview: click here)

As city dwellers, we are so used to the presence of light that we have become blind to the myriad forms that light can assume. …… The exhibition features 16 artists and artist groups from countries including China, the US, and Japan, showcasing a spectacular array of works of painting, video, sculpture, and installation. While some of the works are intended to interact with natural and artificial light sources, others attempt to reveal the functions and symbolic significance of the variety of ‘glow’ that one can observe in contemporary society. The exhibition seeks to arouse interest in light, reigniting the sparkles dimmed by the grinding daily life.

Not only is light a natural phenomenon, but it is also a product of scientific advancement. It is an abstract signifier devoid of profound meaning; it is undefined, blurred at the edges. However, being amorphous has also given it plasticity and endless possibilities. In this exhibition, commonplace materials such as glass, mirrors, and plastic are put together to reveal its ever-changing, multifarious characters. When light encounters these materials, its refraction creates iridescence, and its reflection produces many interesting visual phenomena. It also opens up an internal space that reifies thoughts in different intensities and shapes. Brimming with a diversity of imagery associated with light, the exhibition echoes the view that the exhibition space overlooks, which further engages viewers’ interest. From the vantage point of Glow Like That in Victoria Dockside, viewers can feast on the opulence of the gleam and glimmer of the city; the glistering waves of the harbour and the exhibition shine a light on each other, bolstering one another’s splendour.

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Gathering place & time: G/F, K11 Atelier at 1:45 p.m.
Language: English guided tour
Quota: 30 (for HKUST staff members and students only)
Fee: HK$20 Deposit (refundable after the tour)

  • The deposit will be refunded to participants upon their completion. Participants will receive deposit refund from CFA staff.

  • A talk ‘The Art and Language of Lighting’: An introduction by ERCO will be held on 11 Apr in Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall for HKUST staff members and students. For details, please click here.


  1. Reserve a place
    - Submit the online registration form, please click HERE
    - you will receive a notification email from Center for the Arts afterwards 

  2. Pay the deposit (within 2 days after submitting the online registration)
    - present the notification email and pay the deposit at CFA office to confirm your place

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Presented by K11 Art Foundation, HKUST Center for Education Innovation and Center for the Arts