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The Silk Road Exhibition 絲綢之路展覽 (12-27/3)

  • Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall HKUST (map)
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The Silk Road is an intercontinental passage connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. The history of the Silk Road can be dated back to 2,000 years ago, when the Chinese diplomat Zhang Qian was dispatched westward by Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty on a mission to open up a passage, starting from the capital Chang'an (now Xi'an), passing through Gansu Province and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region to Central and Western Asia and ending at the Mediterranean. The primary purpose of the Silk Road was to transport Chinese silk to other countries in ancient times.

At the 38th World Heritage Convention held in June 2014, “Silk Roads: the Routes Network of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor” was jointly nominated by China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It was then inscribed onto the list of World Heritage Sites as the first successful item with multi-national nomination.

The ancient Silk Road had a far-reaching impact on the development of religions, cultures and commerce in Eurasia and even the whole world. It was also an important bridge linking the four great civilizations, namely Chinese, Indian, Roman and Persian civilizations.

Date: 12-27 Mar 2018 (Mon-Sun)
Time: 1-5 pm
Venue: Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall, HKUST



Free admission
All are welcome 

The Silk Road Exhibition  Opening (絲綢之路展覽 ― 開幕禮) will be held on 12 Mar, 1-2 pm at Tsang Shiu Art Hall. Ms Pasha Umer and her friends will give a Xinjiang dance perforamance at 1:20 pm. For details, please click here.

Presented by
The HKUST Center for Education innovation and Center for the Arts

Hong Kong China Tourism Press
Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong
The HKUST Library