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Guided Tour to "After the Deluge"

  • Tai Hang Tung Recreation Playground, Tai Hang Tung Road Hong Kong (map)
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Exhibition Preview: click here

After the deluge is a homecoming project of artist Kingsley Ng in response to his earlier solo at OzAsia Festival: in close proximity to the desert, Adelaide is among the driest regions in Australia; on the other side of the Earth, Hong Kong is also affected by climate change and heavy rains are becoming more and more frequent. Between these two poles of water imbalance, how do we reflect on the disequilibrium triggered by modern development?

Departing from this macroscopic question, after the deluge brings the audience to a monumental facility built innovatively to tackle urban floods. The work transforms this stronghold into a space for contemplation. Following the cyclical footsteps of a drop of water, the work invites the audience to retrace a path of urban development, and probe into what is often unseen.

Tai Hang Tung Stormwater Storage Tank is normally not open to the public. With great support from the Drainage Services Department, this underground space will unprecedentedly become the locale of a site-specific work of art, and will be open for guided tours during the exhibition period.

Language: English guided tour
Quota: 18

A 1-way coach from HKUST to Tai Hang Tung Stormwater Storage Tank will be provided

Gathering place & time: 
HKUST Piazza, near bookshop at 3:40 pm

Free of charge  |  For HKUST staff members and students only

Online registration: Full

*The result of your registration will be notified via email on or before 23 Jan (Tue).

  • For safety reason, visitors are required to put on personal protective equipment provided at the venue, including helmet and safety vest, before the tour begins.
  • Tai Hang Tung Stormwater Storage Tank is an underground structure built for flood prevention and rainwater storage, the environment may be dim and have natural smell of rainwater. Special lightings and fresh air supply units are installed at the venue.

Presented by the HKUST Center for the Arts